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Last week Sky news reported this story highlighting the fact that between 2011-2013, 462 under 24 year olds in the UK had already received surgery linked to their obesity. These operations cost with the region of £5000.
I am able to offer hypnoband, without the risk of complications associated with surgery for a total of £280. The cost of this payment can be spread over 3 sessions and I am able to accept major cards.
This covers 4 hypnotherapy sessions, all the information sheets and advice and the booster CD’s.
This really is a most effective form of therapy as it not only addresses the weight issues, but also addresses the reasons for over eating in the first place. If you want to know more, stop putting it off. Come and book your free no obligation initial consultation. If it’s for you and you decide to go ahead, we can carry out the first session straight away.
For more information go to my website www.nigelbosheinhypnotherapy.co.uk or visit the hypnoband site. www.hypnoband.com The worlds No.1 Gastric Band Hypnotherapy system. What have you got to lose

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Nigel is a fully qualified Hypnotherapist and Thrive Consultant. For over 30 years Nigel worked in the public service sector, which helped him to develop his problem solving, conflict resolution management, personal development and teaching skills. He has a long standing interest in helping others in a practical, sensitive, non judgmental and personalised way. He offers a tailored service to his clients and Thrive students to effectively address their own needs. With a purpose-built facility on site, he is able to offer a private, safe, and relaxing environment.

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