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So what are Fears and Phobias?

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Not surprisingly there are probably very few of us that do not have any fears or phobias. Even if it’s as simple as a fear of spiders, or perhaps going to sleep with a light on as you may find the dark uncomfortable. Many such fears are manageable and the majority of people may experience them at some point in their lives with little or no impact.

Some people, however, have fears or phobias that limit their opportunities in life:

The frequent flyer with a fear of flying may find being in a plane uncomfortable, but tolerate this. However, someone with a far more serious fear, or phobia, of flying may in extreme cases just a aid flying altogether.

Equally, a person with a fear of open spaces may avoid large parks, fields and sports grounds. Whereas someone with a more serious fear, or perhaps agoraphobia, may never leave their home.

Here is a list of the more common fears and phobias that we get consulted about:

  • Spiders – Arachnophobia
  • Flying – Aviatopophobia
  • Water – Hydrophobia
  • Heights – Acrophobia
  • Enclosed Spaces – Claustrophobia
  • Open Spaces – Agorophobia
  • Crowds – Demophobia
  • Darkness – Nyctophobia
  • Dentists – Odontophobia
  • Speaking in Public – Glossophobia
  • Needles – Aichmophobia
  • Death or Dying – Thanatophobia
  • Being Sick – Emetophobia or Emetephobia (may also be known as phagophobia, vomitophobia, vomit phobia, sickness phobia)
  • Being judged or put on the spot – Social Phobia, or Scopophobia
  • Urinating in front of others, shy bladder, paruresis, toilet anxiety or toilet phobia
  • Defecating (either alone, or in earshot of others), stools and losing bowel control – Coprophobia, or Corporophobia

The list of fears and phobias is endless as people really can be fearful of anything in their thoughts and lives so please don’t think that we can’t help you if your fear or phobia is not listed above. What is important is that, if your fear or phobia is having a negative impact upon you, or if it is limiting your full participation in life, or if your fear or phobia is becoming more severe and is beginning to dominate your life then it is probably time to do something about it and take steps to rid yourself of your fear or phobia.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help – in Portsmouth

Perhaps there is an special occasion, or an upcoming event that you would like specific help with. Maybe you want to go on holiday, but the thought of travelling on a plane is too much. Or your family want to go camping, but you can’t stand the thought of spiders near you and you want some help to reduce your anxieties in relation to spiders; or perhaps you have a fear of dogs and are soon to go and stay with a friend who has a dog. For these types of issues, hypnosis, combined with suggestion therapy will enable you to reduce your fear or anxiety and to feel much more in control.

It will provide you with a greater sense of self. It will boost self-confidence and self-esteem. It will help you build on your self-belief and give you a strong positive image of yourself being calm and self-assured in your upcoming event.

An added bonus is that hypnosis is wonderfully relaxing and reduces stress levels

Here at Portsmouth Hypnotherapy we are experienced in helping people to overcome their fears and phobias over specific events. This normally takes a single session, which can take place a couple of weeks before the event.

Perhaps your issues are more long term or pervasive and you have found that your fear or phobia is having a limiting effect upon your life? Or perhaps you would like to remove and resolve all future issues in relation to your fear or phobia?

In these circumstances it is likely that you would benefit most from a course Cognitive Processing and Integration (CPI) therapy.

Or it may be that the Thrive programme is what’s right for you.

James came to see me in June 2017 for his fear of flying and after a single session he recently sent me this email:

“Just wanted to say that the flight to Mauritius was absolutely fine, I barely felt nervous at all and was just casually reading a magazine at take off. My wife was almost border line annoying at how relaxed I was, “what was all the fuss about” came to mind considering I’d avoided flying for all of my adult life (12 years in total)! I still found myself listening to every noise the plane made but as the 11 hour flight went on I felt more and more at ease. The holiday was absolutely amazing and as I was feeling extra confident we even went on a helicopter ride (see attached photo). Now that the world has opened up to me I’ve got flights booked to New York, Greece and Switzerland and am looking forward to all of them. Thanks very much for your help, it really made a difference”

"I had a fear of flying for over 14 years. I had tried alcohol, sedatives and various CD's, books etc to no avail. I met with Nigel but felt negative as to whether anything would alleviate my fear. After my one session I didn't feel any different. Four weeks later I flew to the USA and immediately noticed the difference. My fear had completely disappeared. I flew on four flights in 11 days and cannot understand what my fear was ever based on. I would recommend anyone to seek advice/help from Nigel you have nothing to lose."

Treatment with Nigel at Portsmouth Hypnotherapy can help to resolve your problems.

To contact Nigel for a confidential discussion, or to book your free 30 minute Initial Consultation please contact Nigel on mobile 07702 042220


There will be a nominal charge of £20.00 if the initial consultation lasts more than 30 minutes. Skype consultations also available.

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