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Are You Lacking in Self Confidence?

Is your lack of confidence restricting your life?

What would you be able to do or achieve if only you had enough confidence in yourself?

Do you often feel like you are being held back by your lack of self-belief?

Self-confidence is about having trust and faith in your ability to do or achieve something, whether in a social situation, a relationship, at work, or generally in life. For many people, however, confidence is something that they admire in others but cannot access for themselves. Most of us sufferer from a lack of confidence from time to time, but for some people this lack of confidence or self-esteem is a constant presence in their lives. Having low self-confidence can be extremely limiting, affecting our ability to live the life we deserve. Low self-confidence can be very restrictive in a person’s day-to-day life, affecting such areas as:

  • Lacking Confidence in Dating/Interacting with the Opposite Sex.
  • Driving Test Nerves/Fear of Driving.
  • Exam Nerves.
  • Job Interviews/Appraisals.
  • Public Speaking/Presentations.
  • Stage Fright.
  • Social Phobia.
  • Feeling Judged by Others or Feeling Self Conscious.
  • Generally Feeling ‘Not Good Enough’.
  • Awkward or Confrontational Situations.
  • Being in the Company of Groups of People or One-To-One.

Suggestion Therapy (sometimes called Clinical Hypnosis) is used for easy-to-control, less complex problems.

Perhaps you have a presentation coming up at work, a job interview, a forthcoming driving test or wedding speech in the near future?

With suggestion therapy, you are relaxed into a very nice, calm, state, and then given suggestions entirely for your benefit, which will help you to feel calmer and more confident when you need to.

Perhaps your issues are more long term or pervasive and you have found that social anxiety or social phobia is having a limiting effect upon your life?

Would you like to remove and resolve all future issues with social anxiety?

In these circumstances we believe it is likely that you would benefit most from a particular course of psychotherapy that I can offer you – The Thrive Programme.

Whether you call this therapy or training, with me as your consultant, you will learn to identify your unhelpful thinking and beliefs, understand their impact on the way you feel and your approach to life, and be able to develop a much more effective way of managing your thinking. Not only will you be free to enjoy a more fulfilled and relaxed approach social interactions in the future, but you will gain a healthier perspective on so much more in life. You will learn to thrive!

Treatment with Nigel at Portsmouth Hypnotherapy can help to resolve your problems.

To contact Nigel for a confidential discussion, or to book your free 30 minute Initial Consultation please contact Nigel on mobile 07702 042220


There will be a nominal charge of £20.00 if the initial consultation lasts more than 30 minutes. Skype consultations also available.

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