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Do You Want To Stop Smoking?

I can help you turn your smoking habit into a thing of the past in one easy extended session. For many people smoking has become part of their life style and is often described as an addiction. The research suggests that this is not the case, and it is more likely a habit – habits are fine until you don’t want them anymore.

If you come to me to quit smoking I want to use a proven method that I know delivers results. Just look below at some of the more recent testimonials from happy non-smokers.

The method successfully combines Hypnosis and Cognitive Therapy to produce a winning formula. This programme has an excellent track record in as much as most of the therapists within the International Association of Evidence Based Psychotherapy (IAEBP) use it as a preferred way of working because of It’s outstanding results.

What have you got to loose, other than your health, money and friends. The average pack of cigarettes can cost anything from £7 – £10 for 20 cigarettes. That’s 35p – 50p per cigarette. That’s £212 – £273 per month. That’s a staggering £2555 – £3285 a year. Make this year your New Year’s resolution to change your life for the better. Say no to smoking. Ring to book your appointment now. Join the Stoptober bandwagon and quit for good.

We all know that stopping smoking improves your physical health.  But it’s also proven to boost your mental health and wellbeing: it can improve mood and help relieve stress, anxiety and depression.

Smoking, anxiety and mood

Most smokers say they want to stop, but some continue because smoking seems to relieve stress and anxiety.

It’s a common belief that smoking helps you relax. But smoking actually increases anxiety and tension.

Smokers are also more likely than non-smokers to develop depression over time.

Why it feels like smoking helps us relax

Smoking cigarettes interferes with certain chemicals in the brain.

When smokers haven’t had a cigarette for a while, the craving for another one makes them feel irritable and anxious.

These feelings can be temporarily relieved when they light up a cigarette. So smokers associate the improved mood with smoking.

In fact, it’s the effects of smoking itself that’s likely to have caused the anxiety in the first place.

Cutting out smoking does improve mood and reduces anxiety.

The mental health benefits of quitting smoking

When people stop smoking, studies show:

  • anxiety, depression and stress levels are lower
  • quality of life and positive mood improve
  • the dosage of some medicines used to treat mental health problems can be reduced

"It's two weeks today since I went to Nigel to stop smoking, he made me feel really welcome and relaxed and more importantly I haven't smoked since! A fantastic service that I would highly recommend. I am a non smoker!! Thank you." - Lindsey (October 2014)

"Before April 2016 I used to smoke 60 cigarettes a day but now 7 months on I have saved £3782.22 I would have smoked 741 packets which roughly 12608 cigarettes but thanks to Nigel I no longer feel the need." - Carole

"I visited Nigel in May 2016 in the hope he could help me give up smoking, this was a last resort for me after so many failed attempts with vapes, patches and cold turkey and I was amazed at the results. From the moment I left my appointment I've not touched another cigarette since and that was 18 months ago and I feel so much better so thank you Nigel." - Darren

"Hi Nigel, 2.5 weeks on and have not had any cravings to smoke and have been really happy!" - Simon

Treatment with Nigel at Portsmouth Hypnotherapy can help to resolve your problems.

To contact Nigel for a confidential discussion, or to book your free 30 minute Initial Consultation please contact Nigel on mobile 07702 042220


There will be a nominal charge of £20.00 if the initial consultation lasts more than 30 minutes. Skype consultations also available.

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