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Client Testimonials

"Participating in the Thrive programme empowered me to deal with anxiety and mild depression effectively. When I initially started the programme, I felt low, overwhelmed and that my levels of anxiety were unmanageable. As this was a problem that I felt I had had for quite some time, I wanted something that would help me manage this long-term, rather than go on medication for a few months with the possibility of finding myself back at square one as soon as I finished. Thrive was exactly that. Thanks to what I learned through Thrive, I now feel that I have the ability to manage my levels of stress and anxiety by effectively dealing with my negative thought processes. I am no longer overcome by feelings of negativity, and when I do start to feel negative I know that I can stop these negative thoughts from getting the better of me, something which I would have struggled with previously. I would highly recommend the Thrive programme to anyone who wishes to make a significant change in their life and who wishes to make that change in a self-empowering way."

James came to see me in June 2017 for his fear of flying and after a single session he recently sent me this email:

“Just wanted to say that the flight to Mauritius was absolutely fine, I barely felt nervous at all and was just casually reading a magazine at take off. My wife was almost border line annoying at how relaxed I was, “what was all the fuss about” came to mind considering I’d avoided flying for all of my adult life (12 years in total)! I still found myself listening to every noise the plane made but as the 11 hour flight went on I felt more and more at ease. The holiday was absolutely amazing and as I was feeling extra confident we even went on a helicopter ride (see attached photo). Now that the world has opened up to me I’ve got flights booked to New York, Greece and Switzerland and am looking forward to all of them. Thanks very much for your help, it really made a difference”

"I had a fear of flying for over 14 years. I had tried alcohol, sedatives and various CD's, books etc to no avail. I met with Nigel but felt negative as to whether anything would alleviate my fear. After my one session I didn't feel any different. Four weeks later I flew to the USA and immediately noticed the difference. My fear had completely disappeared. I flew on four flights in 11 days and cannot understand what my fear was ever based on. I would recommend anyone to seek advice/help from Nigel you have nothing to lose."

I found Nigel through the internet as I was having panic attacks and extremely low self esteem. I was covered in psoriasis and felt that I needed to sort myself out once and for all. When I met Nigel, I felt at ease and thought I could talk to him for hours. He is so patient and committed, not once did I see him look at his watch. I’ve discovered so much about myself and regained my confidence, so much so that I since quit my job to finally start my own business and I haven’t been happier since. My psoriasis is nearly completely gone too after having it for 15 years!!
I have recommended Nigel’s services to a few members of my family who think the same way that I do about him. I strongly recommend to seek for his expertise if you are feeling anxious or low in some way. He is a miracle!’

Thank you Nigel, I really do feel that way about the work that you have done with me.
I’ll let you know when I can come back.
Marie (September 2018)

"Nigel's psychotherapy sessions got me through the most difficult 8 weeks of my life when I was suffering from such levels of anxiety that just getting through the day was an exhausting and harrowing experience.  Nigel was extremely supportive and helped me come to terms with some very fearful experiences from my early life.  As a result I now have a much better relationship with myself than I have ever known"

Hannah (02/06/18)

"Nigel's timeline session if anything allowed me to put lifes events in perspective. It has made me realise the impact events, which I had previously brushed aside, have had on me and that they should of been taken seriously and dealt with more thoroughly at the time. As ultimately not dealing with the here and now can prevent you from growing. Further more I am now acutely aware of the inner child in all of us who like any other vulnerable being needs love and compassion in which to develop. And we are responsible for that as no one else can give it the nurturing they need. I thoroughly recommend Nigel's therapy as if anything it can give you the space to stop, digest and move on." Matt

"Nigel, who I have known for over 4 years, explained how he worked and his methods of helping those such as myself, who are having difficulties with past issues and moving forwards. For some time I have been considering some form of therapy and decided to work with Nigel. I completed an exercise prior to the session with prompts and key words (Timeline memory cues) and later in the week we had our therapy session. I won't go into the detail but can say this, I am looking at life in a totally rejuvenated way. I feel that issues i had held onto for over 37 years have dropped away and came out of the session emotionally refreshed. I found Nigel to be attentive, considerate, emotionally engaged and understanding. I would recommend his support based upon my experience." Jon

"Dear Nigel thank you so much for taking me through Lifetime Integration Therapy. However many qualifications I attained, or compliments I received about my professional or personal success I still had that voice on my shoulder telling me I was a fraud and not quite good enough. After just one session going over my timeline you were able to ascertain the trigger which caused these feelings of inadequacy and set me on the road to freedom!
I thank you! I cannot recommend you and this therapy highly enough." Sarah

"I first saw Nigel when suffering with stress, anxiety and depression. I had always been a very strong, independent person, but I was burnt out and felt completely broken.
Nigel is extremely professional and is a true gentleman, immediately putting me at ease.
He is kind and sensitive and guided me through therapy at my own pace.
He has a wonderfully relaxing facility with a real ambient feel.
I cannot thank Nigel enough for his patience and encouragement and using Lifespan Integration Therapy he helped me deal with some very traumatic life experiences.
I have learnt to live in the moment, find happiness again, and to really grow as a person.
I would recommend Nigel to anyone - he is a truly wonderful and gifted person." DB (16/09/2017)

"It's two weeks today since I went to Nigel to stop smoking, he made me feel really welcome and relaxed and more importantly I haven't smoked since! A fantastic service that I would highly recommend. I am a non smoker!! Thank you." - Lindsey (October 2014)

"Before April 2016 I used to smoke 60 cigarettes a day but now 7 months on I have saved £3782.22 I would have smoked 741 packets which roughly 12608 cigarettes but thanks to Nigel I no longer feel the need." - Carole

"I visited Nigel in May 2016 in the hope he could help me give up smoking, this was a last resort for me after so many failed attempts with vapes, patches and cold turkey and I was amazed at the results. From the moment I left my appointment I've not touched another cigarette since and that was 18 months ago and I feel so much better so thank you Nigel." - Darren

"Hi Nigel, 2.5 weeks on and have not had any cravings to smoke and have been really happy!" - Simon

"Nigel did hypnotherapy to help me lose weight and to increase my self-esteem and I have to say it was a wonderful deep Therapy that took away all my cravings to snack between meals and felt so much better. He is a caring empathic person who really wants to go that extra mile to help." - Liz

"I was able with the help and support of Nigel Boshein, allow myself to relax and allow myself to look at and change thinking about my eating habits loosing just under a stone in 6 weeks. I was also given a CD to reinforce sessions at home. I thought I would struggle during the sessions as strong minded, I was able to gain benefit from them. Would recommend Nigel's if you are thinking about undertaking Hypno-Band." - Maggie (March 2014)

"Having gone through years believing I was invincible and that anxiety and depression were things that other people suffered from. It was a bit of a shock last year when I found myself struggling to cope with different aspects of my life and needing help. A close friend referred me to Nigel and although I was sceptical at first, I went with an open mind and willing to engage. Nigel and I had an instant connection and I felt completely at ease in his company. He listened, understood and thoroughly helped me take control of my life. Within a couple of months his guidance turned my life around. It is one of the best things I have done for myself and I truly feel like a different person." (25/01/2017)

Treatment with Nigel at Portsmouth Hypnotherapy can help to resolve your problems.

To contact Nigel for a confidential discussion, or to book your free 30 minute Initial Consultation please contact Nigel on mobile 07702 042220


There will be a nominal charge of £20.00 if the initial consultation lasts more than 30 minutes. Skype consultations also available.

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